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I love eating, and when I do, I really eat a lot. My Lolo used to call me a voracious eater when I was in elementary days. I can chomp 2 to 3 plates full of rice with my favorite viands such as Shrimp and Beefsteak and gulp a 1 liter of my favorite soda back in the days where my metabolism was as fast as racing cars, and still in a perfect soda bottle shape like with a 23-inch waistline. and flat tummy. Not until I gave birth to my second child through C-section. The food cravings and eating habits were still the same, but there is a slight problem, just slight. My used to be 48 kg body weight went as high as 65 kg, more faster than an oil price hike, in a span of 7 years. At first I was like “who cares, my husband doesn’t care If I grew bigger than I used to be, he still finds me adorable” I guess. Nowadays, where the Rice All You Can promo in some fast food chains is rampant, we never let ourselves get left behind. We grabbed the promo every time there is a chance for us to dine out. We eat rice all we can to the max, yeah, even my “mini me(s)” are so into rice. Until one day, there is this feeling that I could hardly breathe and cannot sleep. Regardless of my rapid weight increase, which I don’t care at all, because I have accepted and embrace the whole new me having that “voluptuous” body figure, I became so worried of my health. I know there is something wrong. I know something must be stopped and be corrected. So, I started to control myself from eating so much rice, I call it “7 Days’ Walk The Talk Program” which I put myself into challenge of not eating rice more than a cup or none at all. With lots of veggies and healthy drink, strictly no soda. Partnered it with a 3-Mile Walk Exercise which I find in YouTube. In 7 days, I feel refreshed. I may not have lose weight as abrupt as possible but my body feels like underwent a total overhauling process. I can now sleep properly, and breath correctly. In 7 days, I feel like I am an accomplished woman, I won’t stop here. I’ll continue my advocacy of being a health buff for myself and my family, and for others who may read this having the same problem like what I’ve had before. Lessons I’ve learned from this experience, being healthy and fit doesn’t mean getting  a thinner body shape but by having a healthy lifestyle. It also doesn’t need to be expensive, our surrounding is very big and wide, use every corner of it as your exercise buddy. I am pretty sure no one will arrest you for just jogging, biking or walking around in your vicinity. And most important of all is DISCIPLINE, I don’t need to elaborate more, the word itself is comprehensible already. Thank you!



.man of steel..And it’s Henry Cavill this time, i remember watching this hunk in The Count of Montecristo movie along with Jim Caviezel and Guy Pearce as co-stars. He was then a very dreamy-prince-type like, i had never imagine that he will be doing the Man of Steel until i read it from a certain FB page. I can’t wait for his movie to be shown here in our place. I am pretty sure that we will enjoy this, another masterpiece from Mr. Nolan.

Photo : Credit to the owner


Every time we do our groceries, grabbing a pack of something to eat during snack time is a habit that i am used to do. And what a surprise from my favorite brand, Frito Lays, they have this promo of getting a Super Panalo Pizza Meal when you present 2 empty packs of any of their products which includes Lays, Doritos, Cheetos and Raffles at any participating Pizza Hut restaurant nationwide. So, if you drop by a supermarket don’t forget to grab a pack of any Frito Lays products with specially marked wrappers, so that you may enjoy a yummy pizza treat from pizza hut, and i can’t wait to get mine, I’ll be posting a picture of it once i claim it. Remember guys and gals… it’s for FREE! who wouldn’t want a gratis?!!! Have a nice day!


Our small fridge may run out of water but not chocolates 😀 kidding aside, i always have a gallon of drinking water.

Diamonds are forever – so as chocolates! Every time I indulge myself into chocolates it really feels like heaven, so satisfying. My current faves are Kit Kat and Cadbury Dairy Milk, i also like Ferrero Rocher’s hazelnut chocolate but if i had to choose which is the” bestest”, i’d really wanted to be feasting on dairy milk or plain chocolates because I have a cracked enamel. I was once get addicted on Meiji’s Macadamia chocolate. Oh! speaking of Japanese chocolates, i remember back then, when i was still working in a Japanese firm, everytime our  boss have an out of the country business meeting, i would always say “have a safe trip and sir don’t forget our *Omiyage, chocolates” and then after a week or two, a box of chocolate can be found on my desk or paper tray for the whole office, i was just in charge for the “fair” distribution, bet yah! lols. Anyway, last week i bought a small box of not-so-expensive chocolate but with superb taste, it was Arcor’s Samba Milk Chocolate, you can munch a yummy chocolate for less than 30 pesos with 4 bite size round chocos in a box. I also like toblerone, mon cherie, mms, hershey’s brand, nestle brand, milka (that yummy dairy milk choco from Italy), and a lot more. Some local brands i also fond of munching in are Flattops, Goya, Nips, and Lala…and etc. well, the only chocolate flavors that i will say NO for it are the “Dark ones and the Minty ones”. Whew! i don’t wanna end up here telling my whole chocolate fondness story since childhood, so i’m gonna pause for now and be back next time with some feel-good stories to tell.

*Omiyage – japanese word for pasalubong/ present or souvenir

**Chocoholic, choco lover, choco addict, chocoloco, you may also call it – maybe [lols], definitely i am a chocolate lover.

***Diamonds are forever – DeBeers’ famous commercial tagline


Ready or not here i come!

According to the posts i have read on various Filipino fanson sites, Zac mentioned that they are going to have a full US, CA, EU, SA and Asian Tours, well that is if this, according to him, go as planned. Whoa! for a die hard Hanson fan like me, that is really a very good news. I have been a fan of them and their music since 1997, after hearing their timeless song MMMbop from a radio station back then, I never stopped patronizing their music. Their SIO album was released in the year 2010, just after that the brothers released an EP entitled No Sleep for Banditos, featuring 5 brand new songs recorded exclusively for fan club members. Going back to the world domination topic, I hope the brothers would still add to their list the Philippines on their Asian Tour, i am just speculating that they might not include my motherland because they have just finished their 2nd time concert here last March 2012. Too soon? again for a fanson like me, i don’t think so! I will be waiting for their Official announcement, but for now i’ll begin to prepare myself for everything 😀  money, money, money that’s what i want, a whole lot of money 🙂


I’ve been a fan of Batman movies since i don’t know when, weird isn’t it? i got hooked on this cape crusader during my college days [1997], actually it wasn’t batman that strike me at first,  it was the gorgeous and sexiest villain i have ever known, poison ivy,  in the Batman and Robin movie of 1997 as far as i can remember 🙂 and the rest is history.Anyway, the long wait is almost over, me and my kids are counting days until The Dark Knight Rises be shown in nearby cinema here in our locality. This would be the 3rd movie of Christian Bale as Batman under the directorial of the brilliant Christopher Nolan. We are all excited to see how will Mr. Bane crushes our beloved Dark Knight into pieces??? and the pretty Anne Hathaway will carry her catwoman suit, I am sure this one’s also a hit and we are all eager to see how the Dark Knight rises again. See you in theaters on July 20!


“HANSON – THE FINEST STRAIGHT-UP ROCK BAND IN AMERICA” – The Village Voice – is now coming to the Philippines on March 30 – Manila and March 31 – Cebu (2012), for ticket reservation and inquiries you may visit, Hanson will be rockin’ Manila for the 2nd time! see you there! love, love, love!!!