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March 10, 2014


I love eating, and when I do, I really eat a lot. My Lolo used to call me a voracious eater when I was in elementary days. I can chomp 2 to 3 plates full of rice with my favorite viands such as Shrimp and Beefsteak and gulp a 1 liter of my favorite soda back in the days where my metabolism was as fast as racing cars, and still in a perfect soda bottle shape like with a 23-inch waistline. and flat tummy. Not until I gave birth to my second child through C-section. The food cravings and eating habits were still the same, but there is a slight problem, just slight. My used to be 48 kg body weight went as high as 65 kg, more faster than an oil price hike, in a span of 7 years. At first I was like “who cares, my husband doesn’t care If I grew bigger than I used to be, he still finds me adorable” I guess. Nowadays, where the Rice All You Can promo in some fast food chains is rampant, we never let ourselves get left behind. We grabbed the promo every time there is a chance for us to dine out. We eat rice all we can to the max, yeah, even my “mini me(s)” are so into rice. Until one day, there is this feeling that I could hardly breathe and cannot sleep. Regardless of my rapid weight increase, which I don’t care at all, because I have accepted and embrace the whole new me having that “voluptuous” body figure, I became so worried of my health. I know there is something wrong. I know something must be stopped and be corrected. So, I started to control myself from eating so much rice, I call it “7 Days’ Walk The Talk Program” which I put myself into challenge of not eating rice more than a cup or none at all. With lots of veggies and healthy drink, strictly no soda. Partnered it with a 3-Mile Walk Exercise which I find in YouTube. In 7 days, I feel refreshed. I may not have lose weight as abrupt as possible but my body feels like underwent a total overhauling process. I can now sleep properly, and breath correctly. In 7 days, I feel like I am an accomplished woman, I won’t stop here. I’ll continue my advocacy of being a health buff for myself and my family, and for others who may read this having the same problem like what I’ve had before. Lessons I’ve learned from this experience, being healthy and fit doesn’t mean getting  a thinner body shape but by having a healthy lifestyle. It also doesn’t need to be expensive, our surrounding is very big and wide, use every corner of it as your exercise buddy. I am pretty sure no one will arrest you for just jogging, biking or walking around in your vicinity. And most important of all is DISCIPLINE, I don’t need to elaborate more, the word itself is comprehensible already. Thank you!


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