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July 13, 2012

Ready or not here i come!

According to the posts i have read on various Filipino fanson sites, Zac mentioned that they are going to have a full US, CA, EU, SA and Asian Tours, well that is if this, according to him, go as planned. Whoa! for a die hard Hanson fan like me, that is really a very good news. I have been a fan of them and their music since 1997, after hearing their timeless song MMMbop from a radio station back then, I never stopped patronizing their music. Their SIO album was released in the year 2010, just after that the brothers released an EP entitled No Sleep for Banditos, featuring 5 brand new songs recorded exclusively for fan club members. Going back to the world domination topic, I hope the brothers would still add to their list the Philippines on their Asian Tour, i am just speculating that they might not include my motherland because they have just finished their 2nd time concert here last March 2012. Too soon? again for a fanson like me, i don’t think so! I will be waiting for their Official announcement, but for now i’ll begin to prepare myself for everything 😀  money, money, money that’s what i want, a whole lot of money 🙂


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  1. Photo credit to the owner!

  2. Prepare for battle! LOL.

  3. ha ha epic battle with my husband, WORD war for the nth time 🙂

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