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July 13, 2012

I’ve been a fan of Batman movies since i don’t know when, weird isn’t it? i got hooked on this cape crusader during my college days [1997], actually it wasn’t batman that strike me at first,  it was the gorgeous and sexiest villain i have ever known, poison ivy,  in the Batman and Robin movie of 1997 as far as i can remember 🙂 and the rest is history.Anyway, the long wait is almost over, me and my kids are counting days until The Dark Knight Rises be shown in nearby cinema here in our locality. This would be the 3rd movie of Christian Bale as Batman under the directorial of the brilliant Christopher Nolan. We are all excited to see how will Mr. Bane crushes our beloved Dark Knight into pieces??? and the pretty Anne Hathaway will carry her catwoman suit, I am sure this one’s also a hit and we are all eager to see how the Dark Knight rises again. See you in theaters on July 20!


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  1. good post keep posting. i really liked your ideas thanks for posting.

  2. thank you so much for dropping by my page!

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